New Year's Day

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year's resolutions.  Everyone's supposed to do them, right?  Here's my short list:

1. Start blogging more again.  Got really bad about this in 2012.  Hoping to get back into it.

2. Hang all the artwork in the den before my mom comes up for MLK weekend.

3. Take pics of the den and blog about it.

4. Make one new recipe from the following cookbooks each month:

Soooo many great recipes in both that are calling my name.  Hopefully, this will help get me back into cooking.  Bonus points if I can also make a recipe I find on Pinterest or on a blog, but for now, we'll officially start with these two cookbooks.  I'll try and keep you posted by (hopefully) blogging about it.

5. Train Heisman with basic commands.

6. Ease back into regularly working out.  The spill I took at the end of July still gives me problems from time to time in my right ankle (like this week, for instance).  As such, I don't work out with the same frequency that I used to because I'm always afraid of overdoing it and exacerbating the issue. 

7. Lastly, continue reading at least one book each month.  I enjoyed this goal last year, so it seems fitting to do it again this year.


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