Friday, January 11, 2013

The first floor of our building is partially occupied by a brewery.  We have a growler and frequently have it filled at the brewery.  L said we needed special glassware to use when imbibing said beer.  (Sadly, I got rid of all our combined stolen barware once we got married.  It was time for an upgrade.  Joe Carney, I owe you quite a few pieces of used glassware.  Sorry.)  I envisioned something along these lines:

Schott Zwiesel Hefeweizen glassware from Pottery Barn

This is what L purchased and proudly showed me earlier this week when they arrived:

Yeah, those are Playboy pint glasses.

Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? If you haven't, you must not have cable TV because it's on multiple times every year and always for a full 24 hours on Christmas Day. Anyway, you know the infamous leg lamp? The major award that is the lit-up sex in the front window?

I can relate to the wife in this movie.  L thinks these are pretty cool.  The word "classy" was thrown out in conversation (I think we know who used that as a descriptor).  All I can say is that this is L's version of a major award. 

We're having friends over for a dog date and drinks tonight and I'm cringing at the thought of L pulling these out, because the guys will probably drink beer.  I'll be shopping for alternatives, hopefully this weekend.


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