If these walls could speak

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They would say they want some cool art to display. I saw this print today and immediately wanted to purchase it for the new digs (yes, I'm cheesy, but it just speaks to me. Plus, I think most of our friends actually DO think L and I are pretty freaking good together. Also, important to note that I think it would probably not be displayed in a public room. Probably more like a bedroom or the office). Sadly, it's out of print. Anyone know where to get it?

One Trick Pony

Monday, October 5, 2009

I went and saw this with my mom tonight for no other reason than that she won the tickets in a raffle and we knew nothing about it:

(I tried to post the video in here and it wouldn't let me. Sorry.)

Things to note: 1) we were under the impression that it was going to actually feature the horses. I did not personally know it was going to be a "mystical, Russian horse show" until I was in the car on the way to the performance and reading the ticket. I thought I was seriously going to go watch dressage. 2) We're not horse fanatics. While I loved riding when I was younger and even took lessons for a while, most of my experience was gained at camp and we are not the die-hards who would usually go see any kind of horse show. As previously mentioned, the tickets were free. 3) The show was as cheesy as the announcer in the video sounds. There was extensive juggling and rather unimpressive knife throwing involved. 4) My mom and I were 2 of probably 8 people there that did not have children with us. 5) There was a very oddly dressed couple that I WISH I'd gotten a picture of. I thought they were part of the show and planted in the audience because they were so strange looking. Seriously- they were in matching outfits, and the girl's make up looked kind of like Wednesday Adams/ Edward Scissorhands/ Helena Bonham Carter in most of her movies. They weren't part of the show; just spectators. No one sat next to them. 6) The horses are not the main feature of the show, so I'm still uncertain as to why it was advertised as such. 7) The whole thing was like a lamer version of Cirque de Soleil, but with horses. Sometimes. 8) I'm still sketchy on the details, but apparently the show IS from Russia and was touring the states (maybe just Texas? No idea) and somehow they were abandoned under an overpass in downtown Dallas (wtf?). Again, clueless. So, I realize these people and animals have had some traumatic events go down recently, so perhaps that's why it wasn't the most impressive thing I've ever seen. Regardless, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, PEOPLE. Let's step it up and live up to the advertisements.

Big D-little a-double l-a-s

It's been a while. Sorry about that! I'm still not great about posting and I'm even worse about taking pictures. Since the last post that was on topic, I have had my girls' weekend at camp, a final, fabulous happy hour with the JL girls, packed up my apartment and said a sad goodbye to Austin, moved in with my parents, and gotten an answer to the previously open-ended question of, "Will your job transfer?" And actually, if you were thinking that my job WAS already going to transfer, you were right; at least, you were right up until September 14, when my boss called and said, "Oh wait, now we're not so sure anymore..." Fast forward to 9/25 and I found out that no, I in fact shan't be allowed to work from D.C. and you have a FAB way to start off your cross-country moving weekend/last 29 days til you get married. Woo hoo!!! Actually, it's not that bad. I'm looking forward to a change. So if anyone knows of any job openings in the D.C./ Arlington/ Alexandria/ Falls Church/ Tysons Corner/ McLean/ Reston, etc. areas, holler at your girl!

Anyway, I had every intention of taking pics of the crime scene that my apartment turned into as it filled up with boxes, and then more intentions of taking more pics of the PILES of stuff I took to Goodwill, but it wasn't meant to be. Rest assured with the mental image of a small moving truck being absolutely, LITERALLY filled TOTHEBRIM with all of my/our stuff. (I get to say "our" because a LOT of the boxes were wedding gifts. Thank you to our lovely friends for helping sponsor our marital bliss!) That said, it might have been the best moving experience I've ever had, and I've had quite a few. L flew down to help me and to spend my last weekend in the 512 with me, and it turns out we move pretty well together. Good to know for the future when we move BACK.

The weekend at camp was perfect and just what I needed to recharge myself and conquer the packing. There really is no better place on earth to me than Fern Lake. I know I'm biased, but it really is so beautiful and serene. I'm a total city girl but there is just something so peaceful and simple about being in the middle of the woods on a tiny, private lake that just makes you feel one with yourself, nature, and God. Love it. Even better when you throw in some of your oldest friends. Laughter abounds.

So now I'm in Dallas and kickin' it old school with my parents in the same bedroom I grew up in, although it's been redone since I threw up the deuce on living here after college. So far it's been fine... worked from home 4 days last week and went into the office here 1 day. The problem we're working on fixing right now is that parents forget that I am not just up here playing on Facebook or whatever; I'm actually working and it's not always the best idea to barge in. I think by the time the wedding rolls around this will cease to be a problem, but for now it's baby steps. It IS fun and fabulous to be here when the UPS and FedEx guys ring the doorbell! Other huge bonus to living at home: my sweet puppy who is really not a puppy at all and is 10 1/2 years old. He'll always be a puppy to me. He has the personality of a puppy and is small enough to look like one. This pic is from last year's photo shoot at the pumpkin patch outside our neighborhood, but it'll give you a good idea of what he looks like. Without further adieu, I give you Boomer (aka, The Boom, Boomerang, Boomie, Buddy, Boom-chicka-boom, or Puppy):

Boomer is my little buddy and he's become my shadow since I rolled in a week ago. Because I'm lazy and been able to do so, I've worked several days in my pajamas... and perhaps even from my bed, and The Boom may or may not have been curled up under the sheets with me all day long. He's a total slut for the cuddling, being warm, and being with people. Also, in case you are wondering, he's not intentionally posing in the pic above. Those pumpkins were really big and he couldn't see over them, so he HAD to get up on top of them like that to see what else was out in the field. You gotta get creative when your legs are only 4" long.
That's all for now. More to come on a more frequent basis, and hopefully with better stories.
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