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Thursday, July 30, 2009

So, welcome to our blog. And I'm saying "our" because at some point I will become a we, and I plan to use this to update friends on our adventures in a far away land that I lovingly refer to as El Capital Grande (aka Washington D.C. to the layman). I'm starting this now so that I can be in the habit of updating it once I actually need to update it regularly.

So here's the backstory: my fiance' and I currently have 86 days until our wedding. I'm currently in Austin, he's in D.C., and the wedding is in Dallas. Between now and then, the following things will take place, in no particular order:

  • 3 wedding showers
  • 1 baby shower (not mine- this is not a shotgun wedding- a dear friend's, and I'm thrilled to be co-hostessing)
  • trial run of hair and make-up for the bridal portraits
  • 1 bachelorette party
  • 1 girls' weekend at camp
  • 1 sorority mini-reunion on the river
  • a week-long trip to D.C. to find a place to live
  • bridal portraits
  • I will move out of my current apartment.
  • I will move in with my parents in Dallas for a month.
  • 75th reunion at camp
  • 1 last hurrah in Austin before I leave... hopefully for only a few years.

and finally...

  • maybe find some time in there to actually pack my stuff up at some point so I can move out of here.
So I have a pretty full 86 days ahead of me, particularly when combined with my regular every day activities. In addition to the previous list, I also have a list of things I need to take place before our blessed union:

  • agree on new furniture (specifically, a bed for us and a new entertainment center)
  • find housing at an acceptable fee for an acceptable size in an acceptable location that we both like

Surprisingly, the latter has been easier so far. L and I rarely fight, but we had a standoff on the phone earlier this week in regards to entertaiment centers. I feel strongly that a corner unit is only to be used in corners. Someone else may or may not feel that it could be used against a wall without any problems and that it won't look awkward. I give you an example of what we were discussing:

Yes, that is a trapezoidal shape. I don't think there's any need to go any further with my side here. Besides, the point is entirely moot as we do not have a residence selected in which to house said furniture, but that's not important. We'll see how this gets resolved as we get closer to finding a place to reside. For now, I'm off to go pack for a weekend in Dallas where I'll be knocking out 2 items on the first list. Woo hoo!

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