White Wedding

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is random, but it's also fun and exciting so I thought I'd share it. The link below is to pictures from a wedding I went to last spring that was held at the summer camp that the bride and groom and I (along with about half the guests) all grew up going to as kids and then went on to work at for several years. One of my Austin friends just sent me the link and was like, "Isn't this your camp??", and sure enough, it is! Take a look. Not only are the pictures amazing, but so are the bride and groom. And of course the camp is, too. Can't say enough good things about all of the above. Enjoy!



Friday, September 11, 2009

I am supposed to be spending the evening packing. However, I happened to make a late-night run to Target on Wednesday night because I ran out of packing tape and happened to peruse their selection of lamp bases, lamp shades, and mirrors and found several items that I'll need to revisit once I'm in VA. Then I came home and decided that if I could find 2 of the lamp shades and bases that I liked on Wednesday night (that location conveniently only had 1 of each) that I'd go ahead and buy them now and just send them with the movers. Long story short, I tried the next-closest Target yesterday (victorious in finding 2 shades) and decided I try again today after work. It was raining when I left the office so I opted to just come home and wait it out because driving in the rain in Austin is always an infuriating experience, especially when combined with rush hour traffic. I ended up heading out around 7:30 and spent an hour and a half and $102 there. Yes, this is my exciting Friday night.

I called L when I got in the car to head home and he asked what I'd been doing. When I told him I'd just spent $100 at Target (I figured he needs to know now that this sometimes happens), he was shocked and asked what I'd bought, so I told him. His response? "Well, I guess that's okay. You should probably know I went to Best Buy earlier and spent $75." I just laughed at that. Apparently Target is to women what Best Buy is to men.

If you're wondering what I purchased, I got a pair of cute brown sweat pants (yes, sweat pants can be cute with the right cut), a matching cowl-neck hoodie (it's not horrendous, I promise), and a button-down plaid pearl snap (also not hideous- very similar to the "boyfriend" shirts at the Gap right now). And a pair of boots. I would have included pics but NONE of it is online. Actually, the boots are, but when you click on them it says no picture is available, even though there totally is in the small version. Oh well. They are the Mossimo Kahsha Tall Cuffed Boot in Mushroom if you are just DYING to go see a tiny picture. Noticeably not on the list: the two lamp bases. The tall version was just a little too tall, the short version was way too short.

If you're wondering what L purchased, it's definitely the first 2 seasons of 30 Rock. And a Playstation controller because one of his broke. I have no idea why he needs 2 right now since he doesn't play with anyone else at the moment, but that question is probably better left unasked. Maybe once we're actually married we can ask those questions, but turn about is fair play and I don't want to justify my purchases, so I won't make him justify his.

Home Stretch Surprise

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I had my last "Book Club" meeting last night and it was both sad and fun. It's definitely become less of a book club and more of a social/ wine club over time, but it's a great group of girls and I will really miss all of you!! Anyway, our hostess last night, Kim, was so crafty and sneaky and ended up throwing me a surprise shower! It was a red, white, and blue Texas theme and she even made all the decorations herself (we're not talking crayons, crepe paper, and construction paper, here- it was totally professional) and the food was all Tex Mex (she clearly knows the way to my heart). I WISH I'd had my camera with me, but no dice. Consequently I have no pictures, but Kim, if you have any please send them my way! Everything was so, so cute and thoughtful. I mean she even had Texas-shaped tortilla chips. How cute is she??? She also happens to paint custom art work (check out her blog below- Custom Nursery Art by Kimberly) and she painted a monogram of our soon-to-be-new monogram. Love it! Can't wait to be up in the new digs so I can hang it. So a HUGE thank you to all my Book Club girls for a great night last night!! I'll miss y'all!

Update: Kim posted pics on her blog of the decorations. Since I didn't know I would need to take pics, I didn't have my camera on me, but she's so smart and took pics herself. Look at how cute everything was! And then peruse the rest of her blog for decorating ideas, both for nurseries and just general home decor:
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